Welcome to IoT Discovery

IoT Discovery is the reference implementation of the IoT Discovery GE in Java.

Its role is to act as a meeting point for IoT Context Producers to register the availability of their Things and Sensor devices, and IoT Context Consumers to discover them, using either the OMA NGSI-9 messaging protocol – a simple but powerful API for contextual information exchange, or the Sense2Web API that supports Linked Open Data.

The API exposes two main modules:
- NGSI-9 Server
- Sense2Web Linked-data platform

NGSI-9 Server

The server provides a repository for the storage of NGSI entities and allows NGSI-9 clients to:
- Register context information about Sensors and Things.
- Discover context information using ID, attribute, attribute domain, and entity type.

NGSI-9 clients include other FIWARE GEs, such as the Data Handling GE and the Device Management GE for registration, and the IoT Broker for discovery.


A platform which provides a semantic repository for IoT providers to register and manage semantic descriptions (in RDF/OWL) about their "Things", whether they be Sensor/Actuator Devices, virtual computational elements (e.g. data aggregators) or virtual representations of any Physical Entity.
In turn, it provides IoT Users to discover these registered IoT elements using:
- retrieve descriptions in RDF
- A probabilistic search mechanism that provides recommended and ranked search results for queries that don’t provide exact matching property values.
- Semantic querying via SPARQL
- An association mechanism that associates Things and sensors based on their shared attribute (e.g. temperature) and spatial proximity, which can then be queried via SPARQL.